Summer 2018 Open Swim Schedule


All Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni must present current UMass Pass ID and sign-in with the lifeguard on duty prior to using the pool.

Pool Guest Policy:  All UMass Dartmouth Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni are allowed 2 guests.  UMass Pass holder must be present with guests at all times while in the Aquatics facility.


 Tuesday, June 12th   Noon-1:00pm
Wednesday, June 13th   11:00am-Noon
Thursday, June 14th   Noon-1:00pm
Friday, June 15th   11:00am-Noon
Sat. June 16th/ Sun. June 17th   Closed
Monday, June 18th   11:00am-Noon
Tuesday, June 19th   Noon-1:00pm
Wednesday, June 20th   11:00am-Noon
Thursday, June 21st   Noon-1:00pm
Friday, June 22nd   11:00am-Noon
Sat. June 23rd/Sun. June 24th   Closed

Please contact Cathy Motta at x6462 with any questions. Thank you.