Corsair Athletics Frequently Asked Questions On Fall 2020 Semester

Corsair Athletics Frequently Asked Questions On Fall 2020 Semester

UMass Dartmouth Department of Athletics & Recreation

Fall 2020 Semester Frequently Asked Questions


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*Will there be a fall intercollegiate season of competition at UMass Dartmouth?

In conjunction with decisions made by the Little East Conference on July 27 and by the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference on July 16, UMass Dartmouth will not sponsor intercollegiate competition during the Fall 2020 semester for all fall and winter sport programs. The suspension of competition will be effective immediately through December 31, 2020.


*What is the status of fall sport preseason?  When will I return to campus?

The suspension of all fall intercollegiate competition has also resulted in the cancellation of fall sport preseason. Student-athletes should plan to return to campus on the same date as the general student population prior to the first scheduled day of class. Communication will be forthcoming from each respective fall sport head coach, and additional information on move-in/arrival can be obtained from the UMass Dartmouth Housing & Residential Education at


*Will fall sport programs have the opportunity for intercollegiate competition at a different time during the 2020-21 academic year?

While UMass Dartmouth is committed to providing opportunities for our affected student-athletes to compete, there has been no decision made at this time on alternative playing seasons and dates. At this time, all fall and winter intercollegiate competition is suspended. Discussions on alternative playing options are on-going and will continue in the weeks to come.


*Has a decision on the remaining 2020-21 winter intercollegiate athletic season been made?

Not currently. A decision on the status of further Winter 2020-21 intercollegiate athletic competition after January 1, 2021 will be made at a later date.


*Are there plans to allow teams to practice or engage in conditioning activities this fall?

UMass Dartmouth is planning to provide student-athletes with on-campus conditioning and training opportunities during the upcoming semester to support their physical and mental well-being. The NCAA has granted a blanket waiver that will afford these opportunities without using a year of athletic eligibility. Members of the Corsair Athletic Training staff and UMass Dartmouth Health Services are working closely to finalize protocols, and additional details will be provided from those offices in the coming weeks.


As part of the optional conditioning, strength training and individual skill development opportunities in adherence with the NCAA Sports Science Institute's Resocialization Guidelines, the Department of Athletics & Recreation is formulating plans for all student-athletes to conduct similar activities during the Fall 2020 semester. Those plans will be provided in the coming weeks prior to the start of classes.


*How does this decision affect my NCAA eligibility and academic standing?

Student-athletes have four seasons of intercollegiate athletics participation per sport that they can use within their first 10 semesters of full-time enrollment. Student-athletes would not trigger the use of a season of participation in the Fall 2020 semester because there is no intercollegiate competition.


The NCAA issued a blanket waiver on July 9th for Division III stating that student-athletes will not use a season of participation if their team can complete only 50% or less of their sport’s maximum contests/ dates of competition. The NCAA also issued a blanket waiver the same day stating that a student-athlete will receive a two semester extension of eligibility (towards their 10-semester total) if they are unable to participate due to COVID-19 or if their team completes 50% or less of the sports maximum contests/ dates of competition. For more information on the blanket waivers, visit the NCAA website.


Specific questions on NCAA eligibility and academic center can be directed to Jim Mullins, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance, at


*If I am interested in taking a “gap year”, is there a University deadline on deferral of study for the Fall 2020 semester?

Questions on deferral of study for the Fall 2020 semester should be directed to the University’s Office of Admissions at


*What is the University’s plan for re-opening the campus & course delivery for the Fall 2020 semester?

On July 6, Chancellor Johnson announced UMass Dartmouth’s plan for re-opening the campus and Fall 2020 course delivery. Please visit the UMassD Fall Planning website for more information.


*Has the NCAA provided guidelines, protocols and best practices to member institutions to be adhered to for the Fall 2020 semester?

On July 23, the NCAA distributed information on health & safety protocols to all of its member schools. Please visit the NCAA Sport Science Institute website to access that information.


*Will I be able to access the Tripp Athletic Center, the Fitness Center and other on-campus athletic facilities during the fall semester?

Because of current COVID-19 guidelines, there will be no access to locker rooms at the Tripp Athletic Center available for use. Plans are being finalized on access to all UMass Dartmouth athletics & recreation facilities for the coming semester. The Department of Athletics & Recreation is working closely with the University Health Services to ensure that all safety protocols established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC are adhered to at all times.


*Will I have access to members of the Athletic Training & Fitness Center staffs during the fall semester?

Both the Athletic Training & Fitness Center offices are finalizing plans for individual strength & conditioning opportunities during the Fall 2020 semester. That information will be distributed to all head coaches and shared in the coming weeks. These plans will adhere strictly to all health & safety protocol established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC.


*Will I still need to have a physical exam done prior to arriving on campus?

As always, all Athletic Training medical clearance protocol will be adhered to for the Fall 2020 semester. Please visit our sports medicine website for additional information.


*Can I still participate in planned conditioning & training opportunities if I live off-campus?

Yes, provided all health & safety protocols established by the Department of Athletics & Recreation, the University, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC are strictly adhered to.


*Is the Department planning to offer intramural activities during the Fall 2020 semester?

There are on-going discussions within the Department of Athletics & Recreation as well as with other campus offices on potential intramural activities that may be offered during the fall semester. A final decision on intramural activities will be made in the coming weeks prior to the start of classes.


*What are the health testing requirements and processes for students returning to campus?  Do students need to schedule an appointment to get tested?  Can they be tested on campus?

The University will conduct weekly asymptomatic testing of all residential students, student facing faculty and staff, students with jobs on campus, athletes and commuter students who will be attending class in person on campus in the fall. Individuals will be provided details regarding times of assigned testing. Additional information can be accessed on the UMassD Health Services website.


*Do students who live out of state and travel to campus need to self-quarantine before coming to campus?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established protocol for self-quarantine that is effective on August 1. That information can be access on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website.


*When are test results available?

Asymptomatic testing results should be available within 24 – 48 hours.


*Who receives the test results?

University Health Services and the individual receive the test results.


*What happens if the test indicates positive for Covid-19?

The individual is notified and placed in isolation at home if possible or in a separate designated isolation housing unit on campus. The local Board of health and Health Services will work collaboratively to identify close contacts of the individual to quarantine and test close contacts (contract tracing).


*Once the Fall 2020 semester has begun and classes have started, what will the University’s testing procedure consist of?

Diagnostic testing of a student who develops symptoms of COVID-19 will be ordered by a provider through Health Services. The person would be placed into isolation. Additional information, along with a student town hall forum conducted on July 15, can be accessed in the student frequently asked questions website.


*Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

For Athletics & Recreation

*Athletic Training/Sports Medicine:  Wendy Kirby, Head Athletic Trainer –

*Athletic Eligibility & NCAA Compliance:  Jim Mullins, Assistant AD/Compliance –

*Fitness Center:  Greg Homol, Fitness Center Director –

*Intramurals:  Erik Noack, Director of Intramurals –

*Athletic Facilities:  Jack Holleran, Associate Director of Athletics –

*General Information Questions:  Please contact your respective head coach directly.


For Specific University Department Information

*Housing & Residential Education:



*Financial Aid:

*Health Services: (508) 999-8982