Athletic Department Awards Banquet Honors 1994-2014


At the conclusion of each academic year, the UMass Dartmouth Athletic Department sponsors an awards banquet to recognize the athletic as well as academic success of its student-athletes.  The annual event is held each Spring and includes the presentation of four special awards to student-atheltes and staff members. 

The Senior Scholar-Athlete Award is presented annually to the student-athlete who has achieved the highest grade point average while also competing for a varsity sports team during their academic career.  The Male and Female ECAC Robbins award is presented annually to two students who have achieved in both the classroom and on the athletic fields.  This award takes into consideration both academic and athletic success and also serves as the Athletic Department's nominees to the ECAC for their annual Robbins Male and Female Athlete of the Year Award.  The John Frye Alumni Service Award is presented at the annual awards banquet to a member of the UMass Dartmouth staff or campus community to recognize contributions to the Athletic Department.  The award is named in honor of John Frye, Southeastern Massachusetts University (SMU) Class of 1971 and a 1995 inductee into the Corsair Athletic Hall of Fame.

The 52nd annual Athletic Department Awards Banquet was held Monday, April 30, 2018 at White's of Westport. Students who were unable to accept their awards on the night of the banquet should contact Jim Mullins at (508) 910-6930 to make arrangements to pick up their plaque and other awards.


Senior Scholar Athlete

Female ECAC Robbins

Male ECAC Robbins

 John Frye Service Award

Corsair Courage Award

Corsair Community Service Award


Madison Boucher
Jerry Laakso 
Hannah Smitn 

    Chris Frias Kaleigh Ellison Track & Field

Greg Betsold
Kira Hallberg

    Dr. Cynthia Marland, DCTV     

Summer Jones/
Justin Conor

    Michael Hayes/
Peter Geldmacher
2015 Katie Sheehan/
Shaun Walters
    Steve Brown    
2014 Matt Bejtlich Kathleen Landers, Victoria Wood
Ben Vandervies
Trudy Costa
2012 Alex Klepadlo Stacey Miner
Nick Hiou  Jean MacCormack


Jackelyn Anderson

Rebecca Festinger

Alex Klepadlo

Lucinda Poudrier-Aaronson

2010 Colleen Allen /
Timothy Whelan
Christi DiStefano Alex Klepadlo Jeff Augustine    


Rebecca Stephens

Vicki Andruszkiewicz

Eric Holmes

Don King



Leanne Nygaard

Deanna Bealby

Mike Hanson

Capt. Tim Sheehan



Brian Vatcher

Robin Dziedzic

Chris Sims

Dr. Susan Costa



Kelly Fitts

Kelly Fitts

Derek Bealby

Dr. Jeremy Stern 



Shauna Ahern

Kelly Fitts

John Macone

Ralph Brown



Carolyn Conroy

Amy Stucci

Todd Cabral

No Award



Corey Bachand

Erin Dziedzic

Corey Bachand

John Freeman



Kristen Greene

Kristen Greene

Corey Bachand

Diane Savoie



Katherine Douglas

Katherine Douglas

Nick Siciliano

Dr. James Griffith



Barbara Carlin

No Award

No Award

James Gilbert



Christine Cardoza

Sara DiPilato

Michael Gomes

Len Brophy



Laura Caselden

Laura Caselden

Anthony Baldman

Mike Silva



Emily Traubel

Emily Traubel

Sean Donovan





Michelle Doane

David Kreiss





Margy Wintermeyer

David Kreiss





Julie Smalley

Stephen Roberge